New Zealand launches “digital strip searches”. Travelers who refuse to surrender passwords, codes, encryption keys and other information enabling access to electronic devices could be fined up to N$5,000 in New Zealand, according to new customs rules.

在此之前,新西兰海关已经可以搜索旅客的数字设备(digital equipment),但根据2018年《海关和消费税法》(Customs and Excise Act)的最新变化要求,旅客还必须交出个人科技设备的密码(access to personal technology equipment must be handed over as well)。拒绝交出密码或用指纹等生物数据解锁设备的旅客(those who refuse to give over their passwords or unlock their devices with biometric data such as fingerprints)将最多被罚款5000新西兰元。

除了罚款,海关官员还可以没收设备作进一步检查(confiscate devices for a further examination),这意味着设备数据可能被复制、审查或评估(be copied, reviewed or evaluated)。新西兰海关此举引发了有关隐私侵犯(privacy encroachment)的广泛担忧。

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  • 加密术 encryption
  • 侵入式搜身 invasive searches
  • 机密信息 confidential information
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